Slovenian Magic

There are so many traditional and typical treats we have in Slovenia, I had to divide this pagein three sections. I decided to start out with breads, went on with some other baked treates and finished up with the cookies. So just keep on scrolling to cover it all!

In Slovenia we absolutely love bread! Bread is on the table every day and for any occasion. You know how important something is in your cluture when you realize how many proverbs you have about that thing. And we have hudreds of proverbs about and with bread. When we want to say something is extremly good we will say it is ”as good as bread”. When somebody goes abroad to find better work and life we say they ”go with their stomach looking for bread”. Hasty statements that have to be retracted are refferd to as ”bitter bread that has to be swollen”. And I could go on for a while here …

So obviously bead is highly appreciated in Slovenia, which means it comes in many froms and flavors and is always freshly baked. In each and every supermarket (even the smallest ones in the villages) you can find a variety of breads and buns, that are freshly baked each morning.

I started baking bread, because after leaving abroad for years I really got to the point when I profundly missed the bread we usually have on the table back home. And I’d love to share it wiht anyone who want to try it!

But bread is not the only tracitional thing you will find in Slovenia. Actually there are so many baked goods that it is hard to think which one should be the first to mention. But I think Strudel should be pretty high on the list, and also all the puff pastry goodies we make, simple coffee/tea cakes and of course we cannot forget about potica, which is in Slovenia often refferd to as queen. But not all the treats are always sweet. We also like those savory little bites that go well with our coffee and are often found on the celebration tables as well.

Stop wasting the time with all the reading and check our these special treats

COOKIES come in many forms. We have loads of shortbread cookies in Slovenia and each of them is special. We add walnuts, hazelnuts, lemon, coconut, almonds… and many other flavors to our shortbread cookies and we often paste two of them together with a sweet filling like chocolate spreads or jams.

But it doesn’t stop with shortbread cookies. We have tons of other kinds of cookies to offer. One specialty we have are cokies in different forms of fruit or other plants. For example famous peaches are not just stunning to look at, but if made right they are also incredibly tasty. We make cookies in forms of lemons, apples, bananas, nuts and even mushrooms